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Eyal Maoz is an Israeli-born American composer, guitarist and bandleader. His music integrates rock, jazz and avant-garde, tinged with electronic and radical Jewish-Middle-Eastern sound. He’s a Tzadik, Ayler, Out Now and Piadrum Records artist and a member of John Zorn’s Cobra and Shanir Blumekkranz' Abraxas ensembles. Maoz is described by John Zorn, the influential modern composer and MacArthur genius award recipient, as ‘a vital member of the New York downtown scene’.

Eyal has composed music for movies by directors Yoram Porath and Raphael Nadjari. Known to tell stories of pain, hope, strength, joy and celebration, Maoz’s music oscillates between extremely delicate and highly volatile. His work evokes extravaganza of cutting edge experimental and chamber grace. According to All Music Guide, “Maoz redefines what ethnocentric world fusion can be from a mean-streets New York City perspective.”


Eyal Maoz leads a number of original music ensembles including Edom (Middle-Eastern meets pop and Downtown music) Wild Type (Slavic music meets jazz and experimental) and Dimyon (acoustic modern Jewish). He  also co-leads Hypercolor, a revolutionary jazz-inflected art-rock trio with Lukas Ligeti and James Ilgenfritz. Eyal has released  critically acclaimed albums under Tzadik Records’ Radical Jewish Culture series, among them Edom, featuring John Medeski on organ, which the author Mike Gerber praises in his book Jazz Jews as ‘one of the most satisfying post-Miles fusion albums’. 

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Aliya - live at MNN TV, NYC
Nostalgia, Live at MNN TV, NYC
Sterngth - live at The MNN TV, NYC
Amok - live at The Stone, NYC
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